About us

Our company

We are in the paragliding business since 1999 when we become importer for Ozone gliders. Since then we attend paragliding competitions and have contact with many paragliding brands. We are specialized for paragliding checks with trim tuning. We pay special attention to details and synchronise our trimming with the designers requirements. We have often contact with Ozone, BGD, Niviuk, PHI, Nova, Skywalk, Gradient, MacPara, Advance, Gin, 777, Flow, and many other paragliding brands.

Our team

Toni Pljakoski

Flying since 1998. My passion is XC flying. One of my best achievements is a 135km out-and-return flight with a DHV1-2 in 2004 (Ozone Vibe). Toni is taking care of all technical checks in Tomatosport. He is working on continuous quality improvements of the check procedures.

Mateja Kravos Pljakoski

Flying since 1998. Enjoying evening flight. Mateja is taking care of sales and finances.